Mindi elephant shape
Mindi elephant shape

Save with a single click

Any website, article, youtube video, image, tweet or just text - with one mouse tap. After saving, carry on with your day, as usual.

Mindi deeply analyzes everything you save

With Mindi, you won't have to categorize things manually. It uses artificial intelligence to analyze everything for you, so you don't have to.

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Find things in an instant

To find something later, simply search for it. It's really that simple. You can filter and narrow down your searches by using deep search functionality.

Save images

You can add any image from the browser to Mindi simply by right-clicking on it. Using machine learning and AI technology, Mindi will analyze any image that you save. It'll recognize objects, colors, faces, handwriting, and more.

Highlighted text

Simply highlight any text to save it. Mindi will analyze any text you save, and our AI will generate meaningful tags so you can find it later.

Use collections for on-going projects

Even though Mindi is all about automation, you can still
use collections to group things together.

Privacy and our promise

Everything you save to Mindi is kept fully private.

We take privacy very seriously. We don't sell your data to third parties. Now or ever. Mindi was designed from the ground up to be a private place just for you.

Data isn't what we sell, it's software.

We might use some of the product interaction data we have to make the product better. Things like clicks, mouse movements, and feature usage. Even in such case, we look at the data collectively, not individually.

We don't serve any ads and we won't in the future.

We're working on a revenue model that doesn't depend on ads, but on subscriptions and a freemium option.

Safe and secure

Mindi uses Google Cloud Platform for processing and for storage. This means that even though we’re a small independent team, we can still maintain the highest level of security available today.

Your data is secured at rest and transit in cloud storage, with the latest industry standards.

SSL everywhere, 100% cloud-based architecture.